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Using RSA Animate-Style Videos for Information Synthesis

Using RSA Animate-Style Videos for Information Synthesis

Written by Tom Fox
August 29, 2013

My students frequently struggle with a Review of the Literature, whether they are first year college writers or graduate students. They have a couple of difficulties. One is the challenge of naming the relationships among a variety of sources on a topic and another is summarizing what the scholarly conversation is in relation to a particular topic.

For years I have asked my students to represent visually different sources. As a long-time admirer of RSA Animates, it occurred to me that whiteboard animations are a perfect way to achieve this goal, and help students develop their thinking about this kind of writing. So I decided I better make one before I ask my students to make one.

Here is the video I created:

If you want to help your students create these kinds of videos, check out this Digital Is resource by Paul Bogush.

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