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Using Digital Projects with "At-Risk" Third Graders

Using Digital Projects with "At-Risk" Third Graders

Written by Amy Brosemer
October 28, 2010

“Last year I was not smart. This year I am. I don’t know why but I like it.” 

This quote was written by one of my third graders in his autobiography in November of 2009. Very simply, it epitomizes my goal for my classroom. 

This student entered my room in 09-10 school year.  That year I was given a class of third grade students who ranged from one to three years below grade level. I tell you this with hesitation because I wouldn’t want anyone walking in my classroom door to even have the thought that these students struggled at some point. Rather, I would want them to think the opposite – here is a class of above grade level students.  In order to reach that lofty goal, I knew I had to do something beyond the normal classroom.

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