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Unwholesome and Insipid Fruit?: A Modern Unpacking of Media Panic Discourses and a Push for Progressive Media Literacy Education

Written by David Low
May 16, 2012

David Low – Unwholesome and Insipid Fruit_final.pdf

In this humourous academic essay, I explore the historical roots of media panics, which are triggered by generational power struggles over the right to define and preserve culture. Within such panics there is often a rift between youth-oriented popular culture and adult-guarded “high” culture. This rift generally plays out as new media vs. old media, and becomes manifested as a condemnation of new technologies.

I investigate several contemporary critiques of new media in the digital age, each of which relies on the assertion that youths are victims of media consumption/addiction. Many of these critiques imply or explicitly state that exposure to new and digital media is making youths uncultured and stupid. 

Finally, I offer the counter-argument that youths, far from being vulnerable consumers of media, are, in the Internet Age, quite frequently agential media producers and critical, innovative thinkers. I end the essay with a push for progressive media literacy education.

I welcome your feedback! Thank you!Open David Low – Unwholesome and Insipid Fruit_final.pdf

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