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Try a New Thing: Digital Is Bingo!

Try a New Thing: Digital Is Bingo!

Written by The Current
January 26, 2012

Do you feel like there are more resources in Digital Is than you have time and energy to dig into? Make it into a game!

Using the list of traits and characteristics of 21st Century learners as it appears in Because Digital Writing Matters, we created Digital Is Bingo!

Each box’s word or term is related to one or more resources or collections in Digital Is. Choose the term that are of most interest to you and look for resources related to those terms. You can search via the homepage or  use the search box and advanced search features …

or the abbreviated tag clouds …

To “win,” complete a row of boxes, each one with the title and author of a resource, and one key idea so that you can share it with others. Use the bookmark feature within Digital Is to share what you find too!Open NWP Digital Is BINGO template_0.pdf Open BDWM Traits & Characteristics_1.pdf

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