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The Iridescent Classroom

The Iridescent Classroom

Written by Pamela Moran
June 03, 2012

This Iridescent Classroom video was created by Ira Socol for use by an Albemarle County Public Schools teacher team at the annual VASCD conference.  It represents invention, design, and innovation among educators who are pioneers in creating learning spaces that are multidimensional in nature, representing 4-D thinking about the learning work and play of young people in contemporary schools.

The educators whose classrooms are represented here are connectors and connected. They value both face-to-face and virtual learning networks as critical to their continued efficacy. They see a range of learning tools as key to learning accessiblity for every student and value multiple entry points into their own learning as well that of their students.

This image-rich video captures the evolution of learning from the factory-school, Gutenberg-driven model of the 20th century to an educology of learning that is post-Gutenberg by design. In this model, learning moves from write, print, read, recall to search, connect, communicate, make.

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