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The Geography of New York State: Google Literacy Trip Social Studies 4th Grade Module

Written by Jamie Albers
January 28, 2015

This lesson module tracks a 10-lesson Social Studies unit for 4th grade while integrating literacy and learning about informational text.  This unit provides information on Social Studies, Reading, and Writing standards from the Common Core for 4th grade.  The topic of this unit explores learning about different maps of New York State while using different mediums as resources. There are 10 lessons in total: 4 lessons written in complete detail, and 6 supporting/connecting lessons that are more flexible and adaptable based on individual needs and classes.  The culminating focus product of this unit is a Google Literacy Trip, where students will use technology to create an interactive travel guide of New York State. Open Jamie Albers – The Geography of New York State Unit Plan 4th Grade.docx