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The Geography of New York State: A Digital Exploration

The Geography of New York State: A Digital Exploration

Written by Jamie Albers
February 21, 2015

When I remember social studies classes, I most often recall reading from dated textbooks and completing essays or worksheets to accompany the text.  Social studies was not usually an engaging experience, relying on more traditional paper-and-pencil methods that relayed a somewhat dry method of presenting interesting information.

But with the rise of technology, the modern classroom is changing.  This 4th grade unit plan is one I created to show how teachers can easiliy and effectively integrate technology into their social studies classroom.  It helps teachers create an engaging project that involves students and encourages their creativity.  Using Google Lit Trips, students are able to bring social studies to life and show how their content is truly relatable and applicable to their real world.  Students get excited over the idea of using such an interactive form of technology that they are enthusiastic and excited to do their best work and learn from themselves and their teachers in the process.Open Albers Geography of New York State Unit Plan.pdf

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