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Teaching Kits for Webmaking

Teaching Kits for Webmaking

Written by Laura Hilliger
February 04, 2013

Mozilla Webmaker is in the process of creating Teaching Kits for each of our software tools and for a variety of event types. The kits contain information on the Mozilla Webmaker initiative as a whole, specific information on the particular tool and event format that the teaching kit is for, and then modular content that allows a facilitator to pick and choose what they want to teach and how. Teaching Kits are designed for mentors who wish to run participatory, collaborative workshops or classes that teach a variety of web literacies.

This resource links to an overview of the kits, which in turn links out to each kit. The educational model is described here:

These are Top tips on how to use and hack the kits.

The kits also contain information on how to hack the kit for your own interests and particular situations. I think that the hackability of curriculum is the most important piece to many educators. So I’ve tried to make it easy to see how someone might hack the lesson plans contained in the kit by adding comments to the HTML.

I’d be interested to hear how people use this resource to teach things like digital citizenship, digital storytelling or digital composition. There’s a lot of content there, and I thought the best way to share it with the DigitalIs community would be to simply create a single resource and link out to all the kits.

The link below links to all of the Teaching Kits that we currently have. I would love to hear your feedback and see what you make!

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