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Teachers Teaching Teachers

Written by Erin Wilkey Oh
September 21, 2010

“Can you tell us a story about that? Something that happened recently in your classroom?”

These questions are favorites of Teachers Teaching Teachers co-hosts Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim. Every Wednesday at 9pm EST / 6pm PST, the two New York City educators bring together teachers from across the country and the globe to discuss issues of classroom practice with new digital technology and to think through shared curriculum projects. Teachers Teaching Teachers is a live webcast, chat, blog, and podcast created for educators, students, and colleagues who want to share stories about their classrooms.

Keeping It Real
As its name suggests, Teachers Teaching Teachers provides a space for educators to share their expertise with colleagues. Allison and Ettenheim promote a sense of community by analyzing their own classroom practices alongside their guests and listeners.

“Together we are searching for the most effective practices in technology, studying research, and improving our knowledge of new media by using it ourselves.”

These weekly events have two main purposes: developing teacher knowledge and leadership in schools and districts, and putting this knowledge and leadership to work to improve online reading and writing through the use of blogs, wikis, podcasts, and webcasts.

Investigating Digital Literacy
Teachers Teaching Teachers addresses a wide range of topics, from current research on new media to exciting collaborations taking place in physical and virtual classrooms across the country. Here are a few examples of what guests and listeners are discussing on the weekly webcast:  

A Community of Teachers Building “Voices on the Gulf”
Teacher-creators of the “Voices on the Gulf” website discuss their ongoing work to address the implications of the BP oil spill.

The 3R’s of Gaming: Playing, Modding, and Designing
Guests join Allison and Ettenheim to discuss gaming in the classroom, including use of the learning platform Gamestar Mechanic.

The Horizon Report 2010: K-12 Edition
Teachers Teaching Teachers welcomes Rachel Smith and Alan Levine, vice-presidents of the New Media Consortium and principal writers of the 2010 K-12 Horizon Report.

Join the Discussion
To listen to the live webcasts and participate in the real-time chat with other listeners, log in through the Teachers Teaching Teachers or EdTechTalk websites.

Download instructions for listening and chatting during a live show (PDF).

Guests use Skype to connect into the live conversation. The conversation is then archived as a podcast on the Teachers Teaching Teachers blog and is also available via iTunes.Open Instructions_to_Participate_in_TTT_Webcast.pdf

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