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Teachers' Letters to Obama Facebook Group

Teachers' Letters to Obama Facebook Group

Written by Bud Hunt
October 05, 2010

Teachers’ Letters to Obama is a Facebook group created by Anthony Cody, teacher and blogger, as a way of collecting communciations to President Obama regarding education reform efforts.  The origin of the group is that, as Cody wrote his own open letter to the President, others responded in the comments to his post with their own letters to the President.  Cody created the group “to allow teachers to post their own letters to President Obama, or sign on to others that are posted.”

The group’s public description is:

Teachers have some great ideas for President Obama. This group is a place to share feedback and concerns, and offer insight from the perspective of the classroom teacher.

The group and a subset its members eventually met with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in a series of short conversations to share their views with the Secretary on matters of education policy.  This episode of NWP’s BlogTalk Radio contains a conversation with members of the group who talk about their experiences. In September of 2010, the group launched a Google Group, called the TLO Action Team, to further their grassroots efforts at making change in education policy.  The group is described as:

for members of Teachers’ Letters to Obama who commit to taking at least one concrete action every week to shift education priorities in our communities and nation.

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