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Systems Thinking Resources

Systems Thinking Resources

Written by Travis Powell
January 09, 2012

These documentaries were used in a high school language arts class at Child’s Way Charter School, to bring relevance to our writing, while fostering critical thinking skills. 

The lessons objectives are to identifying the components of a given system and the relationships between the components: direct and indirect causation, positive & negative feedback loops, purpose and evaluation of a given system & unintended consequences of the system. I encourage students to identify leverage points within a system to bring about a desired change. There are many stances that can be taken in response to these resources, thats why I like using them, in addition to critical thinking skills it provides an opportunity to respectfully listen to dissent or support of the perspectives expressed in these resources. 

Food Incorporated



Botany of Desire 

King Corn

Howard Zinn – You Can’s Be Neutral on a Moving Train


Inside Job 



The first question I have to answer is,

“What am I passionate about?” 

Once that has been established, I express it the best way I know how.   

Writing: ideas, organization, voice, fluency, word choice, & conventions. 


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