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Students Lead in Follow Me Projects

Written by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
November 08, 2010

Young people can be very adept at using web 2.0 tools for peer-organizing activities, so we shouldn’t be too surprised to see them using the same skills to lead in curriculum design.  

In this video, prepared for the K-12 Online Conference, Sarah Beeghley, a 7th grader at St. Patrick School in Carlisle, PA, shows viewers how they can create a Follow Me project — a web 2.0 adaptation of Flat Stanley. Beeghley also maintains a wiki to support Follow Me projects

Sarah’s project ideas and support wiki are deserving of consideration in their own right as classroom projects, of course, but in a Digital Is frame we might also consider her video, wiki, Facebook page, and Twitter feeds as examples of a distributed digital composition.  Sarah has written directions and created support files, she designed a website, produced a screen cast/video and considered the relationship between and among these various web presences in order to create a full presence for her work. Managing interlocking web presences for maximum effect strikes we as an essential 21st century writing skill.