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Short Circuits: Crafting E-Puppets with DIY Electronics

Short Circuits: Crafting E-Puppets with DIY Electronics

Written by Janis Watson
September 22, 2014

Short Circuits: Crafting e-Puppets with DIY Electronics explores the field of electronics and “e-textiles,” which involves making physical computing projects based in fabrics and other everyday materials. This volume focuses that exploration on the use of electronic hand puppets, sound-enabled storyboards, and DIY flashlight-enabled shadow puppetry in order to delve into literacy and storytelling.

Also, learn more about systems with Water+ (created for Interconnections in partnership with Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center students “Team GameGrid“).

We look forward to making and learning with you!

Purchase Short Circuits Electronics Materials Online

In partnership with the folks at Sparkfun Electronics, the authors have identified all the electronics and tools needed to facilitate the projects in the Short Circuits volume. Follow the links below to view materials for individuals or groups of twenty.

SparkFun Group Kits
Design Challenge 1 | Design Challenge 2 | Design Challenge 4
SparkFun Individual Kits
Design Challenge 1 | Design Challenge 2 | Design Challenge 4
Short Circuits Craft Supplies Shopping Lists
Print, cut apart, and take these lists to your local craft supply store to finish your project shopping!

Open ShortCircuits_CraftShoppingList.pdf Open Facilitaor_Resources_Booklet.pdf Open Youth_Handouts_Booklet.pdf Open MIT Press Flyer

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