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Written by The Current
October 21, 2013

The Current website provides a collection of teaching-focused resources that explore what we as educators are observing, doing, and reflecting upon related to the teaching of writing and connected learning. We invite you to share with us by joining the community, engaging with content on the site as well as to creating and posting (or cross-posting) your own content. If you join our community you will receive monthly newsletters with news and a set of highlights from the collection. As a member you can comment on blogs, resources and collections that you find here as well as share. Additionally, all members of The Current can choose to:

All blogs, resources, and collections aim to contribute to our growing knowledge-base about digital literacy and connected learning. The audience for all contributions are educators, both in school and out, and those interested in connected learning and teaching. See our Terms of Use for more. The Current website supports creative commons licensing to better support creative sharing and distribution of content. Please read here more about Creative Commons Licensing and your related options as a content creator and contributor.