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Resources for Engaging School Administrators in Web 2.0

Resources for Engaging School Administrators in Web 2.0

Written by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
December 26, 2010

Creating a strong ecology for digital writing in schools generally means engaging administrators, parents, and community members in planning, financing, and generally feeling comfortable with young people participating in web 2.0 environments.  Teachers and administrators looking for administrator-specific resources for this work will find a wealth of resources online through Participatory Culture: Building Blocks for School Leaders, by the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN).

Participatory Culture: Building Blocks for School
s is an online suite of resources created by CoSN to foster
participatory learning and support system changes in the school culture through
the use of digital media. Designed by and for school leaders such as superintendents,
principals, CTOs/ technology directors and curriculum directors, the online
suite is composed of three products: Leading with Web 2.0, Learning with Web
2.0 and Transformative Leadership with Web 2.0.

  • Leading with Web 2.0 is intended to build the capacity of
    school administrators to be effective technology leaders and advocates for
    using Web 2.0 application in their districts. 
  • Learning with Web 2.0 helps school administrators engage
    faculty, staff and parent communities in conversations about Web 2.0-enabled
    participatory learning.
  • Transformative Leadership with Web 2.0 contains tools and
    strategies for school administrators to assess their adoption and use of tools
    for 21st Century Learning in their schools and districts to become
    transformative leaders with Web 2.0 tools.

As part of the larger CoSN website, Participatory Culture: Building Blocks for School Leaders provides remixable discussion and workshop materials available through a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial license.  In addition to information handouts and videos, there is a powerpoint presentation that can be modified for specific schools, assessment instrument for school leaders, resources and handouts tailored to superintendents, technology officers and curriculum directors.

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