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Reading the Web - Evernote

Reading the Web - Evernote

Written by Bud Hunt
October 18, 2010

Evernote has become a place where I keep a copy of much of the Internet that I want to refer to later.  This is dangerous as it is handy, as it might be that I’m referencing the Web (or at least pieces of it) as it was, rather than as it is.  But there is an affordance in being able to markup my digital copy of a website that doesn’t just look like the original – for all intents and purposes, it is the original.

In addition to websites, I put e-books and PDFs into my Evernote archive of useful texts that I come across.  As I keep a copy of everything that goes into my “To Read” notebook in my “Read” notebook, a searchable collection of everytihgn digital that I’ve read and remember to put in there, what are the implications of having an always with me searchable index of every single word that I, as a reader, have slogged through?

Asked differently – how is memory irrelevant once you have total recall?

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