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Pew Internet and American Life Project: Wireless Internet Use

Written by Kate Leuschke Blinn
March 23, 2010

An April 2009
survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life
Project shows that 56% of adult Americans have accessed the internet by
wireless means, such as using a laptop, mobile device, game console, or
MP3 player. The most prevalent way people get online using a wireless
network is with a laptop computer; 39% of adults have done this.

Pew Research Center conducted this survey regarding wireless Internet use in April 2009.The Pew Internet Project is an initiative of the Pew Research Center that has been studying the social impact of the Internet since 2000. You can read more about the project history.

You can read the survey overview, the full report, or the survey questions related to the Wireless Internet Use Report.

The complete data set is available, and it has been used in several Pew reports. See the “Related Links” below for links to these reports: “The Internet and the Recession”, “Home Broadband Adoption 2009”, “The Audience for Online Video Sharing Sites
Shoots Up” and “The Internet as a Diversion”.

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