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Melih Bilgil's History of the Internet

Melih Bilgil's History of the Internet

Written by Danielle Nicole DeVoss
October 28, 2010

Melih Bilgil’s History of the Internet is not only well-designed and well-narrated, but it provides a more international perspective on the history of the Internet, and it also includes some helpful explanations of some of what I like to call the “moon language” of the Internet (e.g., “batch processing,” “transmission control protocol”).

Bilgil is a tri-lingual (German, English, Turkish) visual designer who works with motion, interface, and graphic design. To craft the piece, he used the Creative Commons licensed Pictorial Communication Language (PICOL) icon set. The PICOL project is devoted to creating and sharing a simple and standard icon set for electronic communication. Bilgil’s History of the Internet tells the story of the early and developing network while using a sign system that emerged due to the complexity of communicating digital and technical ideas across space, culture, and languages.

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