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Make a MOOC: What We Learned in CLMOOC

Make a MOOC: What We Learned in CLMOOC

Written by Karen Fasimpaur
October 18, 2013

The purpose of this resource is to synthesize what our team has learned as a part of the “Making Learning Connected” massive online open collaboration (#clmooc). The intended audience for this document and the related resources is those interested or involved in designing, creating, or participating in online courses.

#clmooc is a collaborative, knowledge-building and sharing experience that is open to anyone who is interested in making, creativity, and learning. In it, we designed and engaged in “makes” — creative projects — that tap into our personal (and professional) interests. We shared what we’ve made and did, learned from each others’ experiences, and reflected on our own growth. We engaged with and employed Connected Learning principles as they relate to making and learning. The general approach to our MOOC was that of connectivist cMOOCs.

The original offering of #clmooc ran from June 15 to August 4 and consisted of six two-week overlapping cycles of making, learning and connecting. Over 1,000 people participated in this first offering, which was sponsored by the National Writing Project.The community continues to exist both in and of itself and through the many ways in which participants applied and extended this work in their own contexts. For more information, visit the #clmooc site and our G+ community.

Here are some of the items that might want to consider in setting up your own MOOC. Each of these items is linked to a document or artifact that has more detailed information on what our experiences were, what we learned, and what you might consider.

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