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How a Book Is (Was) Made

Written by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
March 15, 2011

Back before inkjets, printing was a time-comsuming laborious process, that took teams of people working together to produce just one book. Now days, any crabby person can sit at home and crank out stuff on a blog or even make internet video. This movie will make you happy as you watch others toil for ‘The Man’ under primitive conditions.

This delightful video, rescued from an archive of old instructional films, is truly “fun to watch.”  But even more interesting is watching it with the comment above, posted on YouTube, in mind. The film was made in 1947 and makes visible the tremendous amount of human and mechanical labor involved in the simple production and distribution books—prior, of course, to the technological advancements we have seen in recent decades. The dramatic shift in the means of production and distribution of content does, indeed, mean that ‘any crabby person can site at home and crank out stuff on a blog or even make internet video.”

What a sea change in the basic tools that writers use to create, publish and circulate their work!

One of the core idea…

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