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HERU: Hip Hop Literacy X Entertainment Justice = Young Digital Economies

HERU: Hip Hop Literacy X Entertainment Justice = Young Digital Economies

Written by Bryce Anderson-Small
May 31, 2013

I am BRYCE, an executive record producer, performing artist, and native Detroiter. Recently, I have re-purposed my career in pop music to serving youth and building sustainable communities through economic justice, expressed through entertainment media arts. 


My entry into the world of popular education is via my youth media literacy organization- theHERU Organization, where we develop youth through media literacy and digital media arts skills training. Our mission is to help youth and young adults become radiant, self-actualizing individuals who can both effectively communicate their reality as well as authentically tell the stories of love, innovation, and sustainability around them. 


(above pic: cover art for audio recording titled “Be Exposed”, a message about young people joyfully being exposed to new places, people, and things …17-year-old youth participants pictured earlier in page)

These aspects of their lives are most often non-existent from corporate-owned media narratives, and so we believe that it is important that we construct counter narratives that capture (and speak to) the truth of our most beautiful and loving identities. I facilitate these kinds of interactions with media through multiple roles, including executive director of HERU, program director for the 5e Gallery and as a lead coordinator for the Detroit Future Youth Network

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