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HERU: Guiding Principles

Written by Bryce Anderson-Small
June 24, 2013

As HERU, our unique media literacy lens is informed by 7-guiding principles. These principles serve to establish the foundation, upon which we grown and build community. We use these principles as tools, to craft positive self-images using media, and construct healthy community dialogues around media analysis. Our point is to start the conversations …then engage communities to keep them going.

Below is our media piece of the principles that guide our selves, work, and collaborations.

7 guiding principles: 

– Cultivating Self-Knowledge and Awareness

– Self is the beginning of community

– Deliberately Practice positive and productive expressions

– Respect organic learning and all intelligences

– We positively create our reality and empower others to do the same

– Nurturingly inspire accountability

– Grow the sustainable infrastructure of our flourishing community