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Growing Up Online

Growing Up Online

Written by Erin Wilkey Oh
September 30, 2010

Just how radically is the Internet transforming the experience of childhood?

Growing Up Online is producer Rachel Dretzin’s exploration into the teen online experience. This eye-opening documentary aired on PBS Frontline January 22, 2008, giving many of us new insight into what young people are doing on the Internet. Teens candidly discuss the ways they find acceptance in the online community through social spaces. Parents express fears about their children’s online activity. Growing Up Online also examines issues of identitiy, cyberbullying, and child predators. You can watch the hour-long documentary at PBS Frontline: Growing Up Online.

Additional Perspectives
The Growing Up Online Website offers supplementary resources to extend the discussion.

Inside the Revolution includes interviews with teachers and researchers for more perspectives on the issues.

Keeping Kids Safe provides guidance for parents from experts in youth and new media.

A Guide for Educators (PDF) is available for educators wishing to use Growing Up Online in the classroom. There is also a Parents’ Guide (PDF) to help parents use the program to initiate a discussion with their children. Both of these are available on the Teacher Center page of the website.

There is also a collection of Readings and Links which include resources for parents, studies, surveys, research, and news articles. Open eguide.pdf Open pguide.pdf

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