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Green City Remix

Green City Remix

Written by Mariruth Leftwich
November 09, 2017

You can download a PDF of this lesson plan and its supporting materials on

Developed by: Mariruth Leftwich
Subjects:  Social Studies
Grade Level: 9-12
Estimated Time:  minimum of 4-6 classroom periods, plus art installation design and production time (the original project was approximately 50 contact hours with students spread over three months)

About This Lesson Plan:
This lesson plan is based on the Green City Remix project, a learning experience designed by the Green Building Alliance and the Senator John Heinz History Center. The experience interweaves historical research, social change, and design. Cohorts of high school learners actively constructed Pittsburgh’s environmental Smoke Control campaign through archival research, analyzed it for social change strategies, and applied their knowledge to issues important to them. Participants remixed what they learned into an art installation that was displayed at the Heinz History Center. Through this experience, learners improved their historical thinking skills, built critical understanding of change, and creatively visualized their learning with hands-on making.
About Senator John Heinz History Center
Devoted to the history and heritage of Western Pennsylvania, the Senator John Heinz History Center (legal name – the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania) is Pennsylvania’s largest history museum and a proud affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. The History Center is an educational institution that engages and inspires a large and diverse audience with links to the past, understanding in the present, and guidance for the future by preserving regional history and presenting the American experience with a Western Pennsylvania connection.

Pro Tips:
This project is a framework for helping students analyze and engage with primary source materials and thereby reframe their understanding of their local community.