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Google Docs and Going Paperless

Google Docs and Going Paperless

Written by Kristi Bancroft
March 26, 2011

In the late fall, after setting my students up with Google Docs accounts and receiving my first assignment from them, I changed my “Single” status on Facebook to “In a Relationship”. My comment was “Yes! I’ve changed my relationship status! I am now in a relationship with
 Google Docs!”

The response was pretty humorous. Seven of my tech savvy friends immediately gave me the thumbs up “Like” sign while others were confused and I received incredulous comments, including the following:

     “Who/What the hell is Google Docs????”

     “Hahahahaha! And why is that?”

     “I feel like I am in elementary school and all the big kids on the bus are talking and I want so bad to understand but I DON’T GET IT!!!”

     “Google Docs is nice, just don’t do everything on the first date!” To which I replied, “Oh, we’re taking it nice and slow. Thanks for the advice.”

     “How nice – a doctor!”

     “You’re such a cute couple.”

      And from my own sister, “Whaaaaat????”

Before the evening was over, I changed my status back to “Single”, and when the message with the heart came up that informed those who were interested “Kristi went from being ‘In a Relationship’ to “Single’”, there were more interesting comments:

     “That didn’t last long!”

     “Me too…Congrats…would rather be single than be with someone who isn’t…lol!”

     “Did you find a flaw?

      And, again, from my own sister, “I guess I’ll put my good clothes back in the closet!

Near the end of this past school year, I began having dreams where I panicked because class was about to start and I discovered that there was no chalk in my classroom! We now have to requisition supplies from our office and have them delivered; the dream had me in dread of appearing unprepared in front of my students! In this nightmare I had a flashback to the first time I turned on an overhead projector, as a new teacher, and what I was attempting to display was on the wall opposite the screen behind me. Yikes! How did I cope in the classroom before we had 1 to 1 computer access?Open SAT_Words_3(2).ppt

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