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Excel - Viewing Data through Graphing Made Easy

Written by Sally Cain
September 11, 2010

Data Collection happens in all grades and for many purposes.

The question is: How do we use student data to maximize learning and develop critical thinking?

This project uses Microsoft Excel to help organize data, view and discuss the powerful conclusions that can be made from the data you collect.

Simply said, students will use Excel to create a variety of graphs, ultimately deciding the best way to present their data as they look at (mode, median, range and mean) and all the other aspects of data analysis that happen at different grade levels.

This is proven successful use of technology with all grades, Kindergarten through College. Of course it moved a lot faster with older students. Using a projector or smart board to present the graphs and charts will open students to viewing data analysis in a whole new way.

Open Sample Excel Data and Graphs.xls Open Graphing complete unit plan.doc Open Rubric For Grading Graphs.doc Open spreadsheet for beginners.doc Open Charts and Graphs in the Classroom.ppt

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