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Example Acceptable Use Policies

Written by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl (Admin Acct)
December 17, 2011

The Consortium on School Networking (CoSN) provides support for district and IT administrators to assist them in moving their districts into Web 2.0.  In addition to policy guidelines an advice, they collect examples from member districts of policies and practices that have helped them. Here is a collection from CoSN of Acceptable Use Policies that facilitated appropriate expansion of internet access and participatory learning in these districts.

Barrington Public School District, IL. Mentions the different types of learning tools and how they are necessary for learning.

Bellingham Public Schools, WA. Deals with unacceptable behavior in a generic manner rather than singling out Web 2.0 applications. Provides a one-sentence statement that requires staff to provide students with “guidance and instruction” on the appropriate use of information resources. ItsA UP is an example of a district policy that provides a policy endorsement and rationale for the use of ICT as a critical component of the teaching/learning process.

Broward County Public School District, FL. This school district established a technology committee to include key stakeholders to develop their AUPs.

Duxbury Public Schools, MA. Contains language specific to Web 2.0.

Dysart School District, AZ. AUP includes the use of microblogging, mobile devices, social networking and staff websites.

Edina Public Schools, MN. Detailed, and includes a statement pertaining to harassment and personal attacks.

Fairfax County Schools, VA. A policy document pertaining to the use of privately-owned computer devices on the District network.

New Canaan School District, CT. Mentions how the Director of Technology and representatives can modify or disable any technology protection measures.

Littleton Public Schools, CO. This school district established a technology committee to include key stakeholders to develop their AUPs.

Springfield Public Schools, MO. A typical AUP, it specifies unacceptable behavior as well as sanctions for such.

Warwick School District, PA. Contains the Warwick School District policy on cyber-bullying and related matters.

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