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Digital Youth Network

Digital Youth Network

Written by Henry Cohn-Geltner
June 13, 2010

Digital Youth Network’s core model spans the world of in school, home, and afterschool activities for middle school students and seeks to give:

  • access and training in the use of new media literacy tools
  • meaningful activities where the development of new media literacies is essential for accomplishing goals
  • a continuum of established new media mentors.

The Digital Youth Network (DYN) website contains descriptions and videos of the afterschool, in school, and online programs that focus on studies in girlhood, gaming, graphic design, video production, music and audio production, robotics, and hip-hop and spoken word.

One student participating in multiple pods in the afterschool program writes and speaks about his experiences at the Digital Youth Network.

Director Nichole Pinkard talks on Chicago Public Radio about the goal of keeping youth engaged in learning, mastering content creation, and becoming critically engaged citizens.

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