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Digital Storytelling Program at the Ohio State University

Digital Storytelling Program at the Ohio State University

Written by Kate Leuschke Blinn
February 25, 2010

The OSU Digital Storytelling Program (DSP) is a collaborative project of the Digital Union (DU), the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT), the University Libraries, and Learning Technologies. The DSP’s description and definition of digital storytelling page acknowledges their connection to the Center for Digital Storytelling.

Faculty, staff, and students from a variety of departments who use digital storytelling in academia, research and outreach have contributed their digital stories to the OSU Digital Storytelling Program (DSP). They also offer a workshop program, coordinate storytelling events and showcase stories created by the OSU community.

With a Program Team of representatives from the partner organizations and two Ongoing Story Circle Coordinators, the DSP has a mission of helping the academic community communicate their passion for teaching, research, and outreach through personal, engaging storytelling through workshops, showcases, presentations, and publications.

Their resource page includes links to valuable resources related to digital storytelling; copyright and fair use; image, audio, and video sources; and workshop materials and forms.

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