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Digital Is..."developing art and craft"

Digital Is..."developing art and craft"

Written by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
November 11, 2010

It may be as simple as inviting high school students to create a daily video to present the morning announcements as the Harris Experience, above, depicts.  But what do we learn along the way that helps us grow in the art and craft of composition writ large?

No matter what our chosen form or the media, growing as a writer involves developing knowledge of craft.  New forms and new media demand new elements of craft knowledge even as they also draw on more established elements.  It still matters that writers have something to say to an audience and say it well.  But ‘saying it well’ may come to take on some additional dimensions. Here at the Digital Is website we hope to feature resources and discussion that reflect on emerging areas of craft that we are working on as writers and introducing as teachers.

Digital Is, a project of the National Writing Project, aims to publish the voices of educators and youth who are exploring what it might mean to teach and learn writing today. We invite you to participate in the conversations on this website as we explore the teaching of writing in a world where, simply, digital is…

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