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Digital Democratic Dialogue (3D) Project Design Cycles

Digital Democratic Dialogue (3D) Project Design Cycles

Written by Nicole Mirra
February 21, 2020

The Digital Democratic Dialogue (3D) Project began during the summer of 2018 when the 3D Project team (2 researchers and 6 teachers) gathered for a 3.5 day planning retreat to discuss their goals for critical democratic education in the literacy classroom and develop design cycles that the teachers would adapt to their individual school contexts during the 2018-2019 school year. All meetings from the planning retreat were audio recorded and transcribed. The team created three iterative design cycles aimed at encouraging students to move through a developmental progression of defining themselves as civic actors, engaging with fellow young citizens from across the U.S., and imagining their collective civic futures.

You can explore each of these design cycles in more depth in the following sections. We encourage teachers to adapt these design cycles to their own contexts and share what happens!