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Digital Arts Alliance

Written by Henry Cohn-Geltner
June 13, 2010

The Digital Arts Alliance (DAA) delivers innovative educational experiences right to students and their teachers, providing digital arts programs to middle schools, high schools, and community centers across the United States. These programs help participants develop essential skills they will need as they apply what they know to the kinds of collaborative, team–based projects that will shape their future.

Digital Arts Alliance values acquisition of traditional literacy skills through implementation of a curriculum that uses video production technology, such as cameras and video editing software on computers, as the leverage to engage students, introduce multimodal learning, and enable students to develop new forms of communicaiton and personal expression.

If you are exploring the ways that digital arts can play a role in acquisition of skills that students can use to be successful in-and-out of classrooms, in their social lives, and as they become pariticipatory citizens in society, the Digital Arts Alliance outlines their philosophy behind promoting a digital arts curriculum, focusing on the core areas they call Basic Education, Life Skills, and Employability.

Their resources section breaks down the steps required for video production into subsections that describe each of the requisite components.  Every subsection further enumerates the constituent elements required to complete this section.  The elements include lesson plans and activities, worksheets, and video tutorials, to aid teachers practicing this curriculum.

Watch samples of student’s work that were done by teachers using the DAA curriculum.  DAA has also partnered with organizations and participated on projects, where you can read about successes and watch more examples of student’s work.

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