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Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Written by Henry Cohn-Geltner
May 21, 2010

Creative Commons understands that your students are all authors and wants them to be credited and respected when they put their work on the Internet for others to view, remix, and appreciate. That is why, they have made it possible to choose your own license based on your needs and hopes for your work. Click here to experience how to customize your own license.

Used by visual artists, musicians, computer and natural scientists, web developers, and many others who are creating new content online and with digital technology, the Creative Commons licenses work like traditional copyright, because creative communities and industries who want to share their work quickly, can do so while retaining the right to control how their work is used by others.

All of the licenses require Attribution, or that whoever reuses or remixes your work must give you credit.  You can also designate whether others can make money using your work or work created thereof and how future works borrowing your content can be licensed.  This video describes the licenses from those who created them.

Visit here to see an illustrated primer that can be used for teacher development, instruction with students, and serve as a reference for all things Creative Commons.

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