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Creating a Technology Rich Classroom

Written by Sally Cain
September 11, 2010

Either you have it or you don’t! It appears that some school districts have embraced technology as a tool, placing it into the hands of students, used as easily as a pencil; or technology is placed in a lab where it is admired by some and utilized with a limited accessability by others. No matter which world you find yourself it is clear that by visiting this web site you are interested in utilizing technology in your lessons. This is a simple site designed to give you some tools and tricks to help you use technology efficiently. I wish there was a way to include your own classroom techniques, maybe you can place them in the comment section of this lesson for all of us to enjoy.


1. Fonts acceptable for typing the body of a paper/PowerPoint or other document. Also is included a list of additional fonts available for student to use in headings. Conversations about this kind of “control” or “censorship” focus on the idea that I am taking away student creativity. I have watched students waste hours of class time looking for the perfect font. The final straw for me was one October a student had a beautiful poem to type. He sat and sat, I assumed that he was “almost done” for half an hour. I finally went over and asked him how it was going. His answer says it all, “I am looking for a font that has vampire teeth”. End of free searching for fonts.

 2. PowerPoint Template: Students can be given these templates to create their PowerPoints before being given computer access. If you are limited by only a few computers we can use our time more efficiently by having these templates ready to go. Does this give you any better ideas?

Open Which Text Will You Use.doc Open powerpointplanning.doc Open Fonts For Kids.doc

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