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Central California Writing Project (CCWP) Innovation Planning

Central California Writing Project (CCWP) Innovation Planning

Written by Fred Mindlin
January 16, 2013

At the 3rd Space Conference in St. Louis, MO, July 9-13, TC Bowen Lee and Associate Director Fred Mindlin participated in a multi-site, multi-organization collaborative development experience, grounded in the responsive design model developed by the Piasa Bluffs Writing Project and the Cultural Landscape Collaboratory (CoLab). We discussed site needs for programmatic work that will support student-centered learning and developed this flow chart of steps for creating a variety of programs which could be developed to meet these needs. The results of our brainstorming were then shared with others at the Conference and refined through the responsive design process. 

As examples, Fred and Bowen each discussed projects they have in development: Fred is working on an after-school learning lab, based at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, and Bowen is working on an adult English-language learner resource for Monterey County.

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