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Center for Digital Storytelling

Written by Kate Leuschke Blinn
February 25, 2010


The Center for Digital Storytelling is an international not-for-profit community arts organization rooted in the craft of personal storytelling. We assist youth and adults around the world in using media tools to share, record, and value stories from their lives, in ways that promote artistic expression, health and well being, and justice.

While the term “digital storytelling” has been used to describe a wide variety of new media practices, what best describes the Center’s approach is its emphasis on first-person narrative, meaningful workshop processes, and participatory production methods.

You can watch the Center’s collection of digital stories about community, education, family, health, identity, and place.

You can also see the schedule of upcoming workshops or read case studies about the Center for Digital Storytelling’s past work.

The Center for Digital Storytelling was formed in the early 1990s in the San Francisco Bay area through partnerships between a small group of media artists, designers, and practitioners who were interested in how personal narrative and storytelling could inform the emergence of new digital media tools. You can read more about the history of the CDS.

Together they worked to create the curriculum for the Standard Digital Storytelling Workshop.

Today the CDS works with individual, organization, and institution clients sharing and exploring stories in services such as open workshops, customized program development, and at public speaking and story screening events.

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