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Bootstrapping in the Community

Bootstrapping in the Community

Written by Cindy Urbanski
November 08, 2011

Last summer, our Writing Project site began to explore digital learning narratives based on the exciting work Peter Kittle presented at Digital Is in Philadelphia.  We were wanting to explore learning narratives through our work with the NWP Urban Sites Network project because we felt like the students in the large metropolitan area where we teach and work and live were learning and knew many, many things that were not showing up in definitions of “school” learning and certainly not on assessment.  We based our thinking about this project in readings on Funds of Knowledge, Identity and Digital Composing.

With all of this reading and thinking in the back of our minds, we used a five day retreat to create our own learning narratives and think together about ways to implement them into the classroom.  When I was asked to create this resource, I immediately thought of using student work to illustrate the kind of counter narratives we were working to create.  But then, my composing and thinking pals reminded me that our messy process is the heart of our work and if I really meant to talk about that, I had to begin with my own first attempt at a digital learning narrative.