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Back to School: The Podcast

Back to School: The Podcast

Written by Kim Jaxon
March 18, 2013

One way to become “crazy good at the internet” is to hang out with folks who live and breathe the web and all things digital. For the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to hang out with and share many conversations with one of my favorite “geeks,” Patrick Berry. Patrick, a Library Technology Lead at Chico State, is a master at explaining complex techno-babel to educators who are interested in the use of digital tools and platforms. Recently, Patrick and I realized that our conversations–about iPads, MOOCS, gaming, libraries, Learning Management Systems, and other things that are “plugged-in”–might benefit other educators who are interested in the intersection between education and the digital world. With this in mind, we took a logical next step: we created a weekly podcast, “Back to School,” where we share our questions and curiosities related to teaching, learning, and being a “plugged-in” educator.

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