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Written by Rita Sorrentino
August 13, 2010

 I want to help every educator inspire every student to discover what it is that they are so passionate about that they become remarkable at it. (Kevin Honeycutt)

ArtSnacks is a social learning network created by Kevin Honeycutt to offer kids, especially those without art teachers, free art lessons and help them build up their confidence. Since its beginning days it has grown into a great space with over 15, 000 art works posted. Not only are kids learning to draw but they are learning to become good online citizens as they comment on the work of others in a polite, constructive ways. Kids are drawn into these short drawing lessons that are chock full of aligned curriculum in science, history and more.

Through ArtSnacks Kevin Honeycutt is committed to helping kids learn to be good online citizens. With the guidance of mentors and other members, ArtSnacks seeks to develop a healthy filter between the kids’ ears. Kevin Honeycutt says that he is proud of what this network has become and welcomes parents and educators to bring this resource to their kids. They will find Art Snacks to be a vibrant community filled with creative artists sharing their work and ideas!

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