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Amazing one-shot hip hop music video

Amazing one-shot hip hop music video

Written by Linda Biondi
August 13, 2010

Step back and listen to “Virtual Love” by Legrand. This music video is a collaboration that took place among 20 Japanese students at Temple University in Tokyo and Philadelphia. Relax as you watch the music video, a musical, upbeat walk through various social media and desktop applications. It certainly will get the listener to tap/rap along.

Director JJ Aucouturier, known as JJ Madrigal in Second Life, met Legrand at a music industry convention, and asked the East Coast rapper if he was interested in getting involved in a unique project:

“I was looking for the opportunity to build a class around a collaboration with a real-life artist, so my students could get a hands-on experience with the challenges of today’s music industry… [Legrand and I] started on the idea of using the class as a consultancy to help him promote his upcoming tour in Japan.” The original idea was to launch Legrand as a regular Second Life performer, but after talking with several marketers, the class broadened their messaging (as you can see in this video): “[W]e switched our focus to using Second-Life to ‘brand’ Legrand as an international, social media-savvy artist.

Have your students become aware of the history of the project. It’s a great way to provide them with ideas that they can generate to be able to integrate writing with  music and technology. Imagine the possibilities of connecting students from different cultures across the world to collaborate on a joint project.

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