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A Question of Balance

A Question of Balance

Written by Peter Kittle
June 09, 2010

“As an educator, I care about how learning happens. When I think about my own ferocious engagement with learning out on the MUni (mountain unicycling) community trails, I want to see the same motivation in, not just my own students, but students across age divides and disciplinary boundaries.

The challenge facing me and others who teach is how to provide a structure for learning within which students become part of affinity groups, willingly learn new concepts, master bewildering jargon, and address authentic problems. I have no doubt that such a task will be fraught with obstacles and challenges. But I also have no doubt that success is possible.”

I decided to teach myself multimedia composition by creating this video alongside students in my Advanced Composition for Future Teachers class at Chico State University.

In the completed movie, I document the practices I engage in to become a mountain unicyclist—and relate those processes to literacy learning generally.

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