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A Digital History: Barbie, James Paul Gee and Reading Tests

A Digital History: Barbie, James Paul Gee and Reading Tests

Written by Lacy Manship
November 08, 2011

Image originally uploaded on 2011-10-05 09:29 Steve and I, both National Writing Project Teacher Consultants, were talking about this idea of digital histories and digital right nows on our Google site. This is an online space where we have been working with other folks in the UNC Charlotte Writing Project to ponder the making of our Digital Is resources.
The words from that page are really still singing in my head… digital histories and digital right nows. I am thinking in images of these strands of my histories knotting together with the context of my present, intersecting and pulling with other people’s histories, your histories right now.

It’s a picture that comes out of our site’s reading of a recent article, Composition 2.0: Toward a Multilingual and Multimodal Framework (Fraiberg, 2010). In this piece, Fraiberg pulls out this concept of how worlds are figured and refigured as people knot and re-knot their thinking together with “languages, texts, tools, objects, symbols, and tropes” (p. 107).

I want to put my finger on the tensions that exist in those knots and see about re-presenting our identities as writing teachers.

Fraiberg, S. (2010). Composition 2.0: Toward a multilingual and multimodal framework. College Composition and Communication, 62, 100 – 126.

 Open Fraiberg Composition 2.0.pdf

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