Reflection on CoLab’s Advanced Spring Institute for the Arts

What might this experience take us to? The next. Level? Experience? Idea? Collaboration? I see this experience shooting off in a variety of directions: 1) Locally (within the South Coast Writing Project) 2) Internally (within my committee at SWriP) 3) Nationally (across all WP sites).

I’m finding that the landscapes I’d like to explore are not physical locations. While pushing the boundaries of an art museum or historical site is intriguing and important work, what’s driving me is pushing the cultural landscapes of the organizations I’m involved in. How can SCWriP take this design model to build a more powerful, involved community that opens up opportunities for those interested? To expand on this collaborative process? Likewise, in our tech committee-where can we go? At a larger level, where will CoLab go next?

Five big ideas that are pinging around in my head now that the institute is over:

1) How intentional building creates community

2) The power of noticing, both at a broad level and at a minute level

3) Explore, Envision, Enact as a model for solving tough issues and creating meaningful change-meaningful to the people “in” the “building,” not just for those constructing the building

4) In helping others solve problems, we open up solutions for our own lives, too.

5) Use a joker to keep things fun and to push to the next level of understanding.