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Reconciling technology and the (a?) writing process

Written by Mariam Cronin
February 18, 2016

I have spent most of my career encouraging students to see writing as a process.  I have also attempted to find ways to help struggling/striving students to make the process as concrete as possible without sacrificing the creative spark that is at the heart of all good writing.

My dilemma now is trying to figure out how to reconcile all the strategies which I know work with the realities of the digital world.  For example, although students can trace their changes on googledocs, the reality is they don’t.  I find it difficult to convince students that at the heart of all good writing is revision when the new technologies encourage one-shot writing and promote surface-feature editing at the expense of thoughtful rewriting.

I have joined this blog so that I can learn from others.  How can we incorporate new technologies in the teaching of writing without abandoning valid practices from the past?

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