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Written by Rodolfo Rabara
April 28, 2021

Prior to the event we decided to come up with a theme that would incorporate “family” into it.  We decided to have students interview their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles. etc. in hopes to learn a little more about their history and culture.  We wanted to create a sense of pride.  Students at our site often struggle with self identity and often times have no sense of their family culture. Students were to write a story that they developed/created from family interviews.


Students brought their interviews with them.  Some students brought written notes, journals, and some even brought recorded audio.  We worked with these students to develop and write their first draft.  Once drafts were written students went home and worked with their families on the editing process.  This process took a week or so to complete because we worked on writing skills, such as, quoting, grammar, punctuation, etc.  Once students completed the editing process they moved on to the publishing stage.  During this stage students 3rd grade and up typed out their stories while the rest of our students hand wrote them. Next, students took their final drafts home and worked with their families to get their book illustrated.  Some students drew and painted, while others included actual photographs.  Once all of their pages were typed/rewritten and illustrated we sent their books to be binded.


The night of the event students and families logged on for a virtual Family Literacy Event. We played a video montage that we created and we also sent them each a QR code of their child reading their book.  Our Family Literacy Night was an evening for parents to learn some ideas on how to promote writing at home.  Many parents know their children should write more but are not quite sure how to make it happen.  We provided parents with some ideas and strategies on how to make writing a good thing at home rather than just a chore to do.  We went over the writing process step-by-step and displayed photographs of students working throughout the writing process.  We emphasized that writing is involved in every aspect of life, from reading to math and science.


This event was very emotional for myself and parents.  Parents cried when they expressed their gratitude.  Parents expressed that they were so happy and proud that their child wanted to learn about their culture and heritage.  It brought a tear to my eye as well because I want every one of my students to feel a sense of pride and love for their family and culture.  I am very grateful for having gone through this process with them.