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Positive Online Presence

Positive Online Presence

Written by Fiona Bullard
August 14, 2018

The importance of digital literacy is something we as educators need to explicitly teach our students. It isn’t just typing and computer skills anymore. Students need to be able to read and analyze all text  and images out there.

There are all sorts of wonderful online reading tools that allow students to engage in the books they are reading. Two of my favourites are Epic! and Tumble Books. As well as a variety of online research databases. How do we know what is ‘real’ information online? We need to teach students how to question and analyze the data they are collecting.

*Note: this should not be a substitute for paper books and discussions with students, but rather another way we can expand on students understanding of what is out there and how to use them responsibly.

Along with being digitally literate we need to educate students on how to have a Positive Online Presence. I love this video from Linda Yollis. We watch this and then practice using our class blogs to comment and question each other. I also send the lesson home to parents because they are also able to engage with their child’s blog. I work with the parents to provide quality comments and ask questions rather than sticking to the classic ‘great work’

There is a lot to think about when educating 21st century learners, a lot of which we might not even be aware of, but I think creating kids who have a positive online presence is a great place to start!

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