PLNs, Serendipity and Learning

I am curious as a cat which I think has a great deal to with my career choices. Sure journalism is a lot about writing but it is also about questions and the search for truth (at least if done right, not the way it seems to be practiced by big media today). Similarly teaching has to be (again if done right) about a constant quest for knowledge and answers to the questions sparked by your classes. This is true at all levels (I happen to think the best teachers must be lifelong learners) but especially true of those in higher ed where we are expected to be scholars as well as teachers (unlike in K-12 where true lifelong learners are all too often driven underground by their administration).

I have four post-secondary degrees, but much of my learning then and now has taken place outside, alongside, and sometimes in spite of my classes and instructors. I consider myself tremendously fortunate to live and learn during a time when there are so many resources and avenues available to the lifelong learner. In honor of Digital Learning Day, this post is dedicated to one tool that many, even those who are incredibly plugged in to social media, take for granted – a Personal Learning Network or PLN.

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