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Philadelphia as Classroom: An Inquiry into Connected Learning Experiences

Written by Christopher Rogers
January 07, 2014

For anyone in the Philadelphia area…[[also considering ways we can sorta MOOC it]]

Read all about TAGPhilly’s 2014 itAG Lineup.

Inquiry to Action Groups (ItAGs) bring together educators from around the city to explore topics related to social justice in education, and then create an action connected to what they learned. ItAGs take place over a six to eight week period in February and March.

Philadelphia as Classroom: An Inquiry into Connected Learning Experiences: This ItAG will develop ways to partner local institutions and professional communities for student learning experiences beyond classroom walls.  We will use the Connected Learning framework, which pushes for more interdisciplinary problem solving, critical thinking, and communication in student learning to inform the dialogue.

I’m leading an inquiry group this spring. Definitely will not be doing this on my own. Out here trying to build a coalition to make it the best use of all our time.

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