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Outcomes for Panda Fellows

Written by Alma Perez
December 16, 2020

Panda Fellows has had a positive impact for me thus far. I look forward to joining each session each month. I feel like all people in this program are supportive and willing to help each other. Especially during these tough times, having people who care and are willing to support you in anything is great.

These times are stressful and having a break from everything that is going on in our lives is very much appreciated. I like the fact that we are learning various ways of getting closer to our families and students. This is important as we are currently living in a situation in which families and students are more distant from us than ever. Through this program and the literacy event that we are going to plan for our students and families, we are definitely trying to get even closer to them and build or maintain a positive relationship with them.

Similarly, as we are developing this literacy event, the focus is to incorporate reading and writing. I am currently a first year teacher and I know that this is something that I am continuously trying to improve on. Through this program, I’m hoping to build relationships with my families as well as continuing to learn about reading and writing instruction. Again, I know that with the help and support of all the people in this program, I will be successful!!!