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Organization of Thesis

Organization of Thesis

Written by M4c Webteam
August 06, 2014

Writing a thesis is an integral part of your higher education. It is mandatory for every student to produce a thesis to get a higher education degree. You have to present a new idea in front of research community and convince them that your idea will bring positive change for humanity.

Students hesitate to write the thesis due to the lack of research and critical analysis skills. They need some sort of help because they are not capable enough to write a thesis without any help. They can take professional help or look towards other sources for help. Thesis writing help is easily available these days. Follow these thesis writing tips and get ready to get a good grade on your thesis.

Introduction Introduction consists of three parts in thesis.

  • Introduction
  • Thesis statement
  • Literature review

Introduction must provide a short overview about the thesis. It’s imperative that you attract the reader through introduction and maintain the interest of the reader throughout your thesis. Literature review is a study of all the previous work done by different authors on the field of your study or your thesis topic.

Thesis Statement Thesis statement sets up your thesis writing and is important part of a thesis. You thesis statement should be concise, specific and written in your own words. It comes after the introduction. Each person should have a different opinion about your thesis statement. It should be easily arguable. It asserts your argument briefly.

Conclusion Conclusion provides the closing thoughts and summarizes the complete thesis writing in few sentences in the form of central idea. Conclusion should also be short and provide the details of future work that can be done on the subjects. You can also discuss the implications in conclusion. Provide reader something to think about in conclusion section. Discuss the results you have achieved with your thesis briefly.

Proofread Last but not the least is proofreading your dissertation to highlight and eliminate all the errors from your thesis. Spelling, grammatical and typing errors can creep in but is not tolerated by the committee in your thesis. You can also use a spell checker while writing your thesis. This will prevent most of the errors in the first place.